7 Word Story

7 Word Story is a newly formed group of sympathetic souls who have congregated in Southern California from parts far and wide to spread the gospel of rhythm and soul to a sun-drenched land.

Veteran players all, with decades of live and studio experience across all genres, 7WS are now bringing their unique gumbo of Motor City meets Modern to a venue near you.

Emmercelle DeLeon– Lead Vocals
Tom McKinley– Guitars, Vox
Ryan Berg– Guitars, Vox
Greg Berg– Keyboards, Vox
Zed Homme– Bass, Vox
Tony Dee– Drums


Individual Bios:

Emmercelle De Leon can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing and performing. From singing Boys II Men in her garage at age six to creating performance opportunities all throughout her primary years at Filipino festivals and family birthday parties, Emmercelle grew up in the limelight. She finds singing and performing vital parts of life. Emmercelle feels the most alive when she’s on stage, and has had the opportunity to share her talents over the last fifteen years in traditional choirs, show choirs, a cappella groups, and other bands alike. Influenced by the groovy R&B of her youth, Emmercelle is thrilled to be the newest addition to the energetic, eclectic, soul-infused 7 Word Story.

Born in the city of Detroit, Michigan, Tom McKinley’s earliest exposure to music was heavily influenced by his native city’s Motown sound, and later classic rock of the 70’s. After moving to San Diego at the age of 20, Tom played guitar in several local classic rock bands including Wizard, The Big Idea, Tiburon Alley, STEHM, Washing Matilda and RockATTACK to name a few. Each band always included a healthy mix of originals to compliment the cover tunes. >>> Now, Tom is excited to be making a full circle back to the R & B and soul of his roots with Seven Word Story which includes a dose of contemporary jazz & fusion and their own mix of originals.

Influenced by everyone from Satie to Steve Nieve, Eno to Stevie, Gregory Berg’s melodic and fluid keyboard work has graced stages and recording studios across the nation since the mid-1980s. Prior to relocating to San Diego, he did stints with the Barking Aardvarks, Drift, Patron Saints of Mediocrity, My Two Planets, and a decade-long haul in the highly-acclaimed Ken Kase Group, a dynamic and souful pop act that was known as the Hardest Working Band in St. Louis. He’s also opened for national acts including Shawn Colvin, Ben Folds Five, Sister Hazel, Dada, the Call, and Modern English, and showcased at festivals from Memphis to Chicago to Philadelphia. Now settled here in America’s Finest City, he’s found a band of like-minded souls to continue his ever-expanding musical explorations.

Zed Homme grew up mostly on the East Coast and played in New Jersey bands at smoke filled bars that closed at 4am. After coming to San Diego in 2003, Zed auditioned with many bands and actually got to play with a few. He played 80s tunes with Money4Nothin’, R&B/Soul/Latin with Bring It On, one hit wonders with 1andDone, Old School Soul with the Soulcamp and the Vintage Monster horn bands, and old and modern Country tunes with the Rockin’ The Country and Hillbilly Noise bands. During his time with Rockin’ The Country, he performed at two separate Viejas Casino Big Country Showdown band competitions.

Ryan Berg grew up with hoodlums (his brother’s band mates) all around, imposing their rock and roll lifestyle upon him. It took a few years, but eventually he too gave up studying and picked up the guitar. Having a cool older brother who listened to good music eventually cancelled out his parents’ ultra square musical preferences. After playing in an experimental rock band, he settled in to join fellow hippie band mates in folk/rock/jam bands in Kansas City and Baltimore. Ryan then headed West to San Diego to search for Southern Californians with Rhythm and Soul and stumbled upon Seven Word Story.

Tony Dee was fascinated with playing drums at age 6. He would take mom’s pots & pans and set them up in his room like a real kit, complete with hanging lids from the ceiling, to be used as cymbals. Tony’s dad, a custom tailor by trade, always had fancy wooden coat hangers around the house – Tony would take dad’s wooden slacks hangers & use them for drum sticks. Over the past 35 years, Tony has played with various bands in a variety of musical styles, to include: contemporary jazz, fusion, rock, country, blues, reggae and a full 25+ piece big band orchestra, reading music charts.Tony’s drum heroes are Dave Weckl, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd.